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Advice you can trust.

Traditionally, Kansas's residents have relied on family and trusted personal advisors to make essential financial decisions. How to save for your children's education, your own retirement years, or how to pass on as much as possible to your children and grandchildren — important questions like these are getting harder to answer. The world, even our beautiful corner of it, is getting more complex. Tax laws and laws governing trusts and estates change regularly. Planning for your life's goals is not as simple as it used to be, and the need for trusted, competent advisors is more important than ever.

ESB Financial will provide the highest quality financial, investment, and estate planning advice possible. We respect the traditions and values of our clients — the heritage of the past. Yet, with the lightening-fast computer technology of today, we are able to offer information and recommendations that consider regional, national and even global opportunities.

We see our job as helping you in meeting your goals. Carefully considered planning can mean financial security for you and your family, increased wealth and sense of well being that comes from knowing you're prepared for any contingency.

Specifically, our certificate of authority from the Office of the Kansas State Banking Commissioner allows us to act as a trustee; in order to manage your assets and investments whether personal or business; integrate tax planning to lower taxes; assist in the purchase or sale of stocks and bonds; handle your trust recordkeeping, including billpaying; and even assist with special situations such as charitable giving and estate planning to ensure that your wishes for the future are met.

At ESB Financial, we bring together a spirit of independence and respect for traditions of the past. We follow the principles of prudent investing and conservation of assets, ensuring you quality advice and counsel, independent of any particular product line or parent institution.

TRUST: Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.

Not insured by the FDIC
Not insured by any Federal Government Agency
Not a bank deposit, bank obligation, or guaranteed by the bank.
Subject to investment risk, including potential principal loss.